Industrialize Industrial Property

First of all, estimate the number of workers you need for your business. Then, allot 180 to 250 square feet for each person. For secretary, you may need a smaller working area and for higher rank of workers, they may need a bigger space. Then, sum up the area needed for all your staffs. Remember to include around 10% of space to cater for near future expansion. There are lots of things to be considered before you rent an office space. Besides the facilities surrounding that location, your office area is also important.

Besides working space, you need to identify the type of rooms needed in your office. For example, you will need at least a meeting room in your office. This room will be used to have meeting with your staffs or to meet up with clients. Make sure the space you allotted is sufficient to avoid stuffiness. Other than that, most of the office would need storage rooms to keep all the documents and confidential information. If needed, depending on your nature of business, a conference room might be required. Industrial rentals in Delhi have increased in recent years even though there was a economic slowdown. People are always in search of industrial space to start their own business. There is always a hunt for industrial space and many people rent out their space as industrial rentals. Industrial Rental value in the following mentioned locations (also known as prime and major society in Delhi) are increasing day by day and having sky touching cost.Some of the areas are Defence Colony, Greater Kailash, Green Park, Sainink Farms, Safdarjung Enclave New Friends Colony, Sunder Nagar, Chanakya Puri.

You will have to consider a lot of options before buying an industrial space. One needs to follow and have to consider a lot of options before buying industrial property. We need bigger space for our industrial property but industrial property are costlier if the space is bigger. So while buying industrial property we should communicate with the commercial agents and should be very careful about the authenticity of the commercial agents so that we are not in any way cheated. There are too much of duplicity in the market of real estate and therefore we need to be very careful while dealing with the commercial agents.

For example rent value in Sunder Nagar and Sainink Farm is quite sky touching. One important factor for sky scrapping rate of the industrial rentals is that there is no plot of land is available in above mentioned locations. That’s the reason that the property rates are beyond the reach of middle class person’s budget as the same is touching the sky. One should have a big budget and capacity to think to get a property in these areas.

How To Choose The Right Industrial Property Broking And Management Company

Industrial properties are very different from residential properties. There is a different set of laws governing industrial properties that do not apply to residential properties. Most real estate dealers are more experienced in dealing with homes, apartments, and residential buildings. They might try to rope in a few industrial buildings into their listings, but most of them would lack the knowledge and expertise to serve the needs of clients who are solely interested in buildings meant for engineering, manufacturing and warehousing. They also may not be aware of the government regulations for factories, warehouses and commercial establishments. Therefore, it is important to choose the right industrial property broking and management company in order to rent or purchase properties for industrial use.

It is essential to look for a commercial property broking company that has a comprehensive database of industrial properties that are available for rent or sale. Representatives from the company should be willing to meet with the client and thoroughly discuss their needs and requirements. Whether the requirement is for purchase, rent or lease, they should have a wide variety of listings that clients can choose from. Some clients could be interested in purchasing vacant plots to build their factory or warehouse. The broking firm should therefore deal with plots as well as finished or semi-finished buildings.

Clients who possess real estate assets and would like to sell, rent or lease them to tenants should also be catered to by the firm. They should have an extensive database of prospective tenants who might be interested in buying or renting the property. The firm should also pre-screen and pre-qualify the tenants and chosen only responsible and dependable ones for their listing. This would put to rest any worries that the client might have about getting proper tenants.

Another important service to look for is periodic rental collection and property maintenance. Many clients with properties may not have the time or resources to periodically collect rent from their tenants or maintain the property on a regular basis. The broking and management firm should preferably handle this task as well. They should promptly collect the rent from the tenants and keep their clients informed about each transaction. They should also make the required payments to municipal authorities, security firms and other services for the upkeep of the property.

These are some of the important properties and services that set apart a good industrial property broking and management company from the rest of the firms.

Industrial Properties For Sale

When an investor is looking to invest in industrial properties for sale then there are a few guidelines to follow when choosing the right property. Does the investor want to buy in order to rent it out again? Leasing industrial properties is basic and simple. Vacancies are easy enough to manage, but just mustn’t have any special designs that would limit the tenant’s usage of the property.

Rents are usually on a net rent basis and the tenants usually take full responsibility for the payments that go out. The landlord needs to make double sure that their accounting process is sound and reliable so as not to have any unpaid rent fees which in turn accumulate unwanted fines.

When the property markets are strong, the profits that can be achieved from industrial properties for sale can be very lucrative to the seller. The landlord needs to take great care in ensuring that a good record is kept of good tenants with a good track record of rental payments and also a very good and sound lease as well as a terrific location and well maintained property.

Industrial properties for sale are attracted by two sources, the investor market and the owner occupiers. So if the one sector is selling slower than the other, there will still be sales to be made from the other.

Other key features that will help industrial properties for sale to sell quicker than most would include features such as ample car parking for staff and customers to make access to the building easier and more convenient not to mention accessible.

Along with the parking area for the customers and staff it is also advisable to position food loading and turning areas for trucks for your loading and off-loading purposes. Having well planned and positioned loading areas will ensure that productivity isn’t slowed down because all loading and offloading will run smoothly efficiently.

On the topic of trucks, it is also vital to have generous warehouse height and entry points for trucks and storage. This ensures that the goods are off-loaded as close to the warehouse storage area as possible, again not taking away from productivity and allowing for quick and smooth operations.

Good proximity to services such as roads, transport, water, petrol stations, electricity, and other industrial tenants.

Theses elements play a major role in the quick disposal of industrial properties for sale. Whether you are a real estate agent, a property investor, or a business needing a building to occupy, you can start with these basic informative suggestions and add your own special requirements to create the profile of a good industrial property in your area.